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Daiphat Food

Over 20 years Taiwanese food company in Vietnam.
Major in mooncake, bakery and frozen food manufacturing.
We believe knowledge and innovation will bring more value to everyone.


As a frozen food manufacturer, we have build a frozen warehouse.
Daiphat warehouse is located in the best location, in 1hours to reach the airport and sea port.
Using new tech to bring a better quality for your cargos.



Daiphat Mooncake

Daiphat gift box is one of the leading brands of mooncake for business present in south Vietnam.
Combining traditional Chinese pastry skill, Vietnamese favorite flavor and culture, we present the best mooncake in Vietnam.

1 minutes 30 second

Daiphat own a biggest breakfast franchise system in Vietnam.
Using frozen food to provide fast, clean, affordable breakfast is our mission.


Daiphat is one of the best HORECA frozen food manufacturers in Vietnam.
Our products are supplied to France, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong.
We are making fantastic products that you never see on the retail market, we also OEM mooncake for enterprises.