Daiphat Homecook

Daiphat Home Cook

Vietnam online consumption has grown rapidly, and physical consumption has shrunk sharply due to the impact of the epidemic in 2020. Facing a sudden change in the environment, Daiphat has established an Ecommerce system, Daiphat Homecook and developed a large number of Taiwanese frozen foods, and provided delivery services.

Daiphat Homecook provides authentic Taiwanese cuisine in frozen pack, and also sells Taiwan imported snacks and groceries, high-end meat, aquatic products and fresh fruit.
In 2021, we combine the pastry gift box with Daiphat Homecook into a new style store. Through the vertical integration of online and offline O2O, the parallel integration of pastry gift boxes, frozen foods, and imported foods, Daiphat Homecook system has become a retail store that meets the needs of consumers in any moment.


Our Mission

Provide a cooking solution for every family kitchen.