daiphat company


OEM/ODM is our first business since 1999.
Our main market is HORECA industrial, from traditional event catering in Taiwan, to 5 stars hotel and resort in Europe and Australia or Yoshouku restaurant in Japan.

Frozen Food in HORECA

HORECA present hotel, restaurant and cafe (or catering).
In HORECA industry, frozen food is the only solution to supply food stably.
Labor is the hardest part in HORECA business, high labor cost, labor shortage and the training are always the problem for every HORECA manager.
Frozen food makes sure the quality is stable and helps save the waste from fresh materials and also easy to train the labor.
Nowadays, HORECA using frozen food is not a secret, more or less there is always some frozen food on the menu.

High Value added frozen food

Our high value added frozen food is a combination from HORECA kitchen to food industry.
By scientific manufacturing, we reproduce  the flavor and taste from 5 star hotels and save plenty of time for their kitchen and let them focus on those masterpieces that can only be done in their kitchen.

Our ability


We are highly flexible to satisfy different demands from every customer on their OEM items.

High value added

Our products are all high value added.

We customize what other manufacturers can’t do.

RnD ability

We have one of the best RnD team in the food industry in Vietnam

Customers bring their ideas, and we build beautiful products for them.

Our customers