daiphat company


About us

Daiphat Food was established in 1999, a 100% Taiwan founded food company.
The company is located in Song Than 2 Industrial park, Binh Duong Province.
The factory was designed with regulation of HACCP、CAS and GMP.
For over 20 years, Daiphat Food kept the principle of innovation and took customers in first place to develop countless new products.

Business History

Daiphat is a knowledgeable food company.

DaiPhat Food is a knowledgeable food company.

Use our knowledge to create value and make profit.

We share the value with customers, employees,

shareholders and the society.

-Founder, Hsu Yu Lin

Our Mission

Food industry is full of competition, saving cost has become a major solution to increase profit but decreases the quality and value.

Our mission is to bring more value to the food industry, To be a knowledgeable food manufacturer and a value innovator.
Bring value to our customers and share the value with the people around us.